The Different Types of Slot Machines to Play

The game of slot offers a flexible choice of gambling to slot players over the years. This is because there are different types of slot machines to choose from. As the slot machine technology greatly expands and developed to advanced innovations, better and more exciting line of slot machines become available to play in casinos.

Many slot players are able to enjoy the risk free type of slot machine gaming which is often found in online casinos. This allows a slot player to enjoy the pleasure of playing a slot machine game for free however the player does not get any profitable return if they win.

A type of slot machine known as the straight slot machine is played with a pre-determined payout schedule. The amount of its payout is relatively fixed based on the number of coins being played by the slot player according to the winning symbols they hit.

If the jackpot involved for instance in this type of slot machine payouts 800 coins per coin bet, a player gets to win 1,600 coins for a couple of coin bets and 2,400 coins for a three-coin bet. The monetary payout from the straight type of slot machine will vary according to the amount of coins played by the slot player.

The more advanced types of slot machines are the video slot and progressive slots that offer multiple pay lines alongside the opportunity to win extra bonus profits from the additional bonus features found in them.

The video type of slot machines offers more bonus features which offer extra possible profits to win. This type of slot machines is played like a video game often with a theme that makes the game of slot highly entertaining to play.

The type of slot machine that offers the highest payout is the progressive slot machine where the jackpot grows as more coins are being played into the slot machine. The progressive slots can be played of different types such as stand alone, wide area and in-house slots with progressive jackpot.

The stand alone type of slot machine has a progressive jackpot that is confined within a single slot machine. The wide area progressive slots are tied with a network of slot machines that are played in different casinos. The in-house type of slot machine is tied with a single jackpot shared by slot machines within a single casino.

Regardless which progressive type of slot machine is being played an important factor to always consider is to play with the maximum number of coins to win the progressive jackpot. Hitting a winning combination while playing fewer coins than the maximum required by the slot machine will not win a player the progressive jackpot. They get paid according to the regular payout schedule instead.

Playing the modern type of slot machine with multiple pay lines can be costly while all types of slot machines operate with outcomes based on chances hence slot players must always observe proper management of their bankroll when playing different types of slot machines.