Playing Slots and Enjoying

Slots is not only a casino favorite but also the easiest. Even online casinos now offer slots in their selection. People like playing slots because of the entertainment it gives as well as the chance of winning a jackpot. Most people playing slots rarely figure out that knowing a slot machine's payback percentage can help them in winning that jackpot.

What is a payout percentage? This is the amount that a slot machine will pay out with respect to the amount bet on the slot machine. If it sounds confusing, let's go with an example.

Say you start with $100 and after playing slots for one session, you get $120. So your payback percentage for that one session was 120%. Let's say you play one more session and this time you get only $70. This means that for two sessions, you put in $100 + $120 or $220 while the slot machine gave out $120 + $70 or $190. Your payback percentage just dropped to around 86.3%. Let's say you play one more session and this time you only got $55. So in three sessions playing slots, you put in $100 + $120 + $70 or $290. The slot machine on the other hand, in three sessions playing slots, gave out $120 + $70 + $55 or $245. So from 120% your payback percentage dropped to 86.3% after two sessions and then 84.4% after the third session.

Discipline is also important in slots. This evidently shows that if you're playing slots, unless you win the jackpot, your payback percentage goes lower while your money decreases. Although people playing slots know that when the jackpot is hit, then it's time to stop playing slots. However, player tend to think that they are lucky and continue playing. The example also tells us that the longer you're playing slots, the higher your chances of losing.

It cannot be denied that the reason why many people are tempted to slots is because f the chance to win the big jackpot. This idea is reinforced when they see other people winning the big jackpot. In order for a player to not lose big, he has to have discipline. The trick is to play it smart and play for small wins.

Slots machines are entertaining and people keep coming back for them. That is the reason casinos will always have slot machines. But then again, in playing slots, you could always enjoy and win at the same time.